Dracula – Mark Bruce Company

YEAR: 2014
COMPANY: The Mark Bruce Company
Nicholas Cass-Beggs
Eleanor Duval
Jonathan Goddard
Nicole Guarino
Hannah Kidd
Kristin McGuire
Wayne Parsons
Jordi Calpe Serrats
Joe Walking

Welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”

Jonathan Goddard plays the infamous Vampire Count, whose sinister and ruthless ambitions challenge the very fabric of Victorian society. As his victims and opponents rally against him they must face the darkness and savagery within themselves.

Bruce’s company of ten exceptional dancers bring Bram Stoker’s haunting, erotic tale to life in a heart wrenching and magical dance theatre production. With an eclectic mix of music from Bach and Mozart to Ligeti and Fred Frith, Bruce explores choreographic styles ranging from the subtlety of classical etiquette to visceral contemporary dance.

Dracula is lit by Guy Hoare, designed by Phil Eddolls with costumes by Dorothee Brodrueck and puppets and masks by Pickled Image.
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